The new perfumes by Stoyan Radichev

Stoyan Radichev presents for the first time his own line of fragrances.



DEEP AND DARK is a spicy floral unisex fragrance that creates a feeling of sunset and solitude of the first moments of the night. A gorgeous, intoxicating combination of cloves and ylang-ylang, synchronising with the spicy notes of nutmeg and sandalwood. Bright and lively aroma with a rich undertone, ending with a mystical touch of the Orient.

Eau de parfum 50ml
You can expect:
Top notes: nutmeg, cloves, peony;
Heart notes: ylang-ylang





VIRAGO is a real shine in a bottle. The rustle of taffeta, pearls and high heels, silk socks and red lipstick, a little powder and a mysterious neckline. The feeling of the perfect woman that you will inspire from every drop of this precious piece of jewellery in a bottle. A provocative aroma that excites all the senses, a combination of sweetness with a slightly bitter note, mysterious and vast as a secret garden.

Eau de parfum 50ml.
You can expect:
Top notes: chocolate, grapefruit, blackcurrant;
Heart notes: iris, gardenia, honey;
Base notes vanilla, caramel, tonka beans




CREDO is a unisex fragrance that begins as a spontaneous escape for a long exotic vacation, develops into a passionate tropical heat, wild and endless extravaganza and sweetness and ends as a light sea breeze with musky and wet woody notes. A unique clash between bitter and sweet, male and female, passion and serenity.

Eau de parfum 50ml
You can expect:
Top notes: rum, cedar;
Heart notes: dried fruits, jasmine;
Base notes: vanilla, amber, patchouli.






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