Radichev talks about Prom 2019

The colour is black and the fabric is lace, says the top designer

He is a true lord of dresses and is defined as the creator of beauty, he is responsible for dressing almost all the ladies in beauty competitions in the country, and making them look even more gorgeous.

Although many of the ladies of the native highlife trust his hands and imagination, he works equally well for everyone because he is a designer for all ladies.

Stoyan Radichev is the fashion specialist, who this year will sprinkle roses on the path of the graduates to the perfect vision.

In addition to creating a masterpiece dress, he helps all his clients get out of the maze with fashion options, offers and traps.

The young ladies, who have chosen a model of the talented designer, will surely stand out from their classmates and guests at the prom because in his outfits he weaves both the latest world trends and the power of classics.

What does top designer Stoyan Radichev advise young ladies who are already preparing to walk the red carpet? Weeks before the balls, he gave an interview to TrafficNews.bg.





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