Interview with Stoyan Radichev for Emodno

Stoyan Radichev has been involved in fashion for over 10 years, but for 4 years now he has been designing entirely wedding and formal dresses.

Our assessment of his work can be described in one word - femininity. Elegance and beauty stream from the designer's models. The ethereal fabrics bring a feeling of airiness and dynamism, and the heavy fabrics add a touch of splendour to the dresses created by Radichev.

The designer gave a short interview to Read it here.

Instant Flight Collection, 2011
designer: Stoyan Radichev
model: @R.Karayaneva / @ivetfashion
make_up: R. Chakarov
hair: @marinhubenovmurphy
assistant: B. Juikov
photographer: ©Ivailo Stanev



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