The models created by Stoyan Radichev are recognizable, bearing handwriting and his characteristic style. Many of the famous ladies of the Bulgarian "high-life" rely on them to emphasize their beauty and stand out in a new and perfect vision. Names such as Preslava, Sofi Marinowa, Maria Ilieva, Natalia Gurkova, Alex Petkanova, Zlatka Raykova, Slavena Vatova, Emanuela, Kamelia, Desislava, Lydia, Teddy Alexandrova, Dara, Ivana, Gala, Geri Doncheva, Juliana Gani, Ivayla Bakalova, many of the winners of the titles "Miss & Mrs Bulgaria", "Miss Playmate" and other ladies have worn more than once his dresses with confidence and brilliance.

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