Designer Stoyan Radichev has been in the fashion industry for so long that he can hardly remember the first models he created. But he knows perfectly why he continues to create beauty.


The designer grew up in a small town, which is why he prefers life in the countryside, close to everything native.Encouraged as a child by his father, helping and learning from him, the designer Radichev strengthened his sense of fashion with a diploma from the Technical School of Clothing "Ana May" in. He graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from Plovdiv. He managed to enter the world of sewing and develop his undeniable talent to create and create pieces that satisfy every woman's desire.Starting from a jeans business, he developed his skills despite the difficulties and setbacks.He managed to build on his experience, learning and experimenting every day.

Today besides dresses, the designer makes belts, JEWELERY, t shirts, bags и Shoes.


The enthusiasm and energy he puts into his work has led him to a number of successes:
- multiple participations in the event "BG Fashion Icon"
- regular participation in the Golden Needle fashion ceremony
- annual appearances on the catwalk of Sofia Fashion week
- Award for "Development and Promotion of Bulgarian Fashion Design"
- Best Bridal Fashion Designer Award - Code Fashion Awards 2018.


The models created by Stoyan Radichev are recognizable, bearing his signature and characteristic style. Many of the famous ladies of the Bulgarian high-life rely on them to highlight their beauty and stand out in a new and perfect look. Names such as Natalia Gurkova, Alex Petkanova, Zlatka Raikova, Slavena Vutova, Emanuela, Kamelia, Desislava, Lidiya, Tedi Alexandrova, Dara, Ivana, Gala, Geri Doncheva, Giuliana Gani, Ivayla Bakalova, many of the winners of the titles "Miss & Miss Bulgaria", "Miss Playmate" and other ladies have worn his outfit with confidence and glamour more than once.