Indispensable accessories for summer

Prepare your wardrobe for summer.

An indispensable and important part of every lady's outfit during the sunniest season are the right accessories for summer. With the warm season approaching, we need to think about how to refresh and make our look more colorful. Experimenting with colors and looks are best for summer.

Silk scarf

One of the accessories for the summer that allows it to be worn in different ways. If you are imaginative you can put it on a bag, wear it as a headscarf or as a hair band. It will add mood and give a finished look to the look.


Whether it's style or functionality, or perhaps both, they're an indispensable accessory for summer. Trends in 2022 are for big aviator glasses, bold colours and thick rectangular frames, as well as the classics - square frames. Choose the right shape for your face. And allow yourself to experiment with colours.

"Sunglasses are like eyeshadow - they make everything look younger and more beautiful." - Karl Lagerfeld


We can't miss the colourful, mini handbag. This season, multi-coloured handbags in all shapes are allowed - cylinder shape, suitcase type or backpack. Choosing a colorful bag will add freshness and accent to your outfit. To the trends are summer 2022 we will add bags with a chain type handle. In these too, the colours vary and the leather is captioned or embossed in different patterns.

Summer dress

A fairy, chiffon dress - the exact description of a dress for the sunniest season. Every lady has at least one of these in her wardrobe. It is suitable for a cocktail, a walk or in the hectic working day.


Every lady should own a swimsuit suitable for a pool party, beach or spa experience. Trust the thin straps and bright colours.

Summer is approaching and with it our wardrobe becomes more colourful. The fabrics that envelop our body are lighter. Add glamour and your individual touch with the right accessories for summer.